About Naurex

Naurex is a biopharmaceutical company developing therapies for difficult-to-treat depression and other challenging diseases of the central nervous system. All of our programs, including two rapid-acting antidepressants currently in clinical development, stem from our proprietary platform for discovering novel compounds that work through a new mechanism, modulating the NMDA receptor to affect pathways involved with neuroplasticity.

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Our Programs

Naurex has two therapies for depression currently in clinical development. In Phase 2 studies, our 1st-generation compound, GLYX-13, has shown rapid-acting, robust, and sustained antidepressant activity and has been well tolerated, with none of the pyschotomimetic side effects associated with other drugs and mechanisms that target the NMDA receptor. Naurex’s 2nd-generation compound, NRX-1074, is an orally active agent in Phase 2 clinical development for the treatment of major depressive disorder. We are also advancing additional molecules from our proprietary drug discovery platform into clinical development for the treatment of other challenging CNS diseases.

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